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Welcome to Light Tape Innovations

Light Tape Innovations is a value added reseller of Light Tape® Electroluminescent lamps. We have worked closely with the engineers at Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation for years to develop a large format cutting and forming facility for Light Tape® panels. We can design, cut, color, and laminate virtually any shape you can imagine, regardless of symmetry. Even shapes with embedded voids, like letters of the alphabet, are possible.

We also work with vinyl, acrylic, and lenticular vendors to provide startling overlays for your lamps. Imagine a "3D" print that has 30% more depth because it uses backlighting rather than reflected lighting, or acrylic films that change from a vibrant blue to a striking red to a deep green depending on your viewing angle. How about light that travels invisibly within a clear acrylic shell and magically bursts into view making your logo or laser-etched design glow with a seemingly self-contained light.

"Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation (ELLC) has been extremely pleased with the innovative concepts produced by Light Tape Innovations (LTI).  The LTI team has done an outstanding job interfacing their cutting edge technology with our revolutionary Light Tape®.  Their ingenuity has enabled ELLC to exceed customer expectations with lighting solutions that were once impossible or unimaginable.  As a result, Electro-LuminX Lighting Corporation and Light Tape Innovations have formed a strategic partnership.  ELLC firmly believes LTI complements our strategic vision and will deliver tremendous value to our customers."
Steve Pendlebury
COO Electro-LuminX Lighting Corp.

Our custom software integrates with CNC equipment to precisely produce your designs in brilliant, light-emitting lamp. We also work in woods, acrylic, PVC, and other non-metallic materials to provide complete illuminated projects. We accept most electronic formats (.eps, .dwg, .dxf and .plt to name a few) and provide an hourly design staff to help you finalize your concepts. Take a moment to view the gallery to see just a few of our projects. As you can see, unlike most other EL lamp vendors, size is rarely an obstacle.

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What is Light Tape?

Light Tape® is a flexible light bulb that is thin as a business card. Light Tape®, the longest and brightest electro luminescent lamp in the world, made in the United States.

Light Tape® is an extremely versatile product, available for indoor or outdoor applications.  We offer multiple colors, widths and lengths of 500 feet or longer.  We also have our own state of the art power supplies with flashing or steady state illumination modes.

Light Tape® is safe with no mercury, no glass to break or gas to escape and extremely energy efficient.  Also, very easy to install and lacks of on-going maintenance compared to alternate lighting technologies. We think it is a really cool product... and so will you!

Safety - Light Tape® is a flat flexible plastic lamp that does not contain gasses, filaments, mercury or glass. It does not generate heat and meets UL as well as other agency safety requirements.

Brightness - Light Tape® is 2 3 times brighter than older EL technologies. The Xtreme Series uniformly backlights signage and is less than 0.02" thick for a low profile look. It can be seen for miles!!

Ease of Installation - Simply install with double sided tape or Velcro for indoor applications or insert in a plastic extrusion for outdoor use. Light Tape® is flexible enough to wrap around corners, uneven surfaces and areas previously unimaginable.

Indoor or Outdoor Use - We have engineered Light Tape® to work inside as well as outside. A logical replacement for traditional neon accent lighting. Quick, easy, do it yourself!!

Long Life - Light Tape® lasts for years with virtually no maintenance required while providing low energy operation.

Flash, Sequence or Dim - Unlike fiber optics, Light Tape® loves to be flashed. Flashing will not only enhance many applications but will significantly extend its life. The voltage and frequency may be adjusted to vary the brightness as well as color hue.

Energy Savings - Light Tape® is the most energy efficient form of lighting. Typical energy consumption is only 0.025 ma / sq. in. For example a 1 inch Light Tape® lamp 300 feet long (91 m) would consume less power than a 100 watt light bulb.

Low Profile - Light Tape® is a thin as a credit card (0.02 Inches thick) but flexible as tape. Ideal for mounting on any surface!

Long Runs with Only One Connection - Imagine a single run of Light Tape® 300 feet long (91 m), powered by a single power supply and connected only at one end. And, the brightness will not vary over the length of the lamp. Accent your venue in a matter of minutes with just one connection!!

No Unexpected Maintenance, Durable - Since Light Tape® does not contain glass, gas or have any filaments to break, it will not fail catastrophically. No more emergency calls to your repair man because the lights went out last night!

New Modern High-Tech Look - A very clean, crisp and modern look that is visible for miles with a laser like appearance. Utilize this cutting edge technology to differentiate or accent your products and illuminated applications.

Quality - Light Tape® is manufactured in the US to ensure optimal quality standards. After 12 years of engineering and development, we have stable and repeatable process to ensure world class quality. The lamp and processes are patent protected and manufacturing is controlled by ISO9001:2000 processes.