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You can order your Light Tape® to any specified length(s) but you will find it is very easy for you to customize your applications by Doing It Yourself. All you need is a pair of scissors and a pair of pliers in order to cut your Light Tape® to length and install a tightly sealed patented connector that is designed especially for Light Tape®.

Our traditional connection system is ideally suited for indoor use:

Cut Light Tape® to length with Scissors

Seal cut end with EdgeGuard tape

3. Position leads on bottom side of lamp (side with white line)

4. Crimp tightly with needle nose pliers

5. Turn over to top side and make sure piercing contacts penetrated top and are folded over

6. Peel protective cover from one side of connector

7. Position connector shell as shown so piercing contacts are a min. of ¼" from edge

8. Peel protective cover from the other half of connector and press firmly together for a good seal

9. Secure with screws and squeeze firmly to ensure a good seal.


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