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Application Pre-Screen Checklist

In order to properly estimate a project from a cost as well as optimal performance standpoint, it is important to gather all relevant information about the project. The following are questions that need to be addressed.

A. Start off by estimating the total length of Light Tape you desire to illuminate
1. How many total feet or meters do you plan to light?
2. Do you plan to use one continuous piece?
3. Define length(s): (ex. 100' = 4pcs @ 25')?
4. What length of leads is to be attached to lamp?

B. Determine how wide an area of Light Tape® is to be lighted
Choose a lit width (in):
1/4"    1/2"    3/4"    1"    1 1/2"    2"    3"    4"    6"
Choose a lit width (mm):
6.35    12.7    19.0    25.4    38.0    50.8    76.2    101.6    152.4

C. Determine power requirements by calculating the total illuminated area
Our Smart Drivers are designed to illuminate specific area ranges of lamp and will shut down if the load is too small or large.
1. What is total area (A x B) to be lit with each power supply?
2. What is you input voltage?
3. What is the current, AC or DC?
4. Location of power supply?

D. Additional information to help with installation and understand environment
It is important to understand the daily operating environment. We have engineered systems to prolong the life of Light Tape® in some of the harshest environments.
1. Will the lamps be mounted indoors or outdoors?
2. How many hours a day do you plan to operate Light Tape®?
3. Steady state or flashing?
4. Environment heat or cold, moisture, sunlight, etc.
5. What color(s) will be required?
6. Brief description of application.

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