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The new Xtreme Series lamps from Electro-LuminX utilize two proprietary binder systems. Our phosphor and dielectric layer formulations are protected by two U.S. Patents. The combination of our formulations, barrier laminates and processes result in superior moisture, temperature and UV protection. As a result, Light Tape® exhibits an extremely stable life curve and much more reliable performance. Our lamps pass MILSTD-81 OC humidity testing (10 days) with no signs of degradation.

Thickness 0.010 - 0.012 inches (0.254 – 0.305 mm)
Phase Angle 78°Leading Edge
Power Source Load Responsive Inverters / Ballasts
Input 3 to 24 VDC or 90 to 260VAC
Operating Voltage Range 90 to 350 VAC
Operating Frequency Range 200 to 700 Hz
Power Consumption at 250V / 650 Hz 0.020 milliamps per sq. in.
Useful Life In excess of 30,000 hours at 115V / 60Hz or in excess of 10,000 HOURS AT 250V / 400Hz
Operating Temperature -40°C to +65°C

Lighted Area
It is important to note only the Light Tape® lights and not the protective lamination on the side. All of our lamps have an additional ½" barrier lamination to further protect Light Tape® from the environment and electrical shock.

Flash, Dim or Sequence
Electro-LuminX offers Smart Driver power supplies that will flash the lamp at different frequencies as well as be able to dim the lamp by varying the voltage. Both options are easily adjustable by the user.

Also offered are Sequencer modules for either 4 or 8 channels or Electro-LuminX will design and build a custom sequencer for your specific application. Contact us for this.

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